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Design and Development of Games for Learning

The premise of learning games from some perspectives seems like a perfect and easy solution – get people to learn things they don’t want to by motivating them through game play. To others it seems like an oxymoron – if learning is hard then it can’t possibly be fun at the same time. The key to designing good learning games is to reconcile these perspectives by creating games that focus on creating environments based on “hard fun”. This idea will be a central tenet of this course.

Through six units comprising nine weeks, we will look at the evolution of educational video games and hear from experts working on many aspects of learning games from design to development to implementation. And we will help you create your own learning game and surrounding curriculum.

This course is comprised of six units covered over the course of nine weeks.

  • Unit 1: Foundations (4/8/2015)
  • Unit 2: How Games Mean (4/15/2015)
  • Unit 3: Design and Prototyping (Part I) (4/22/2015) 
  • Unit 4: Design and Prototyping (Part II) (5/6/2015)
  • Unit 5: Assessment and Classroom Integration (5/20/2015)
  • Unit 6: State of the Field (5/27/2015)

Course concludes 6/3/2015, Certificates generated 7/1/2015

The whole course design is pure genius and just to name a few pluses:

  • Access to rich and high quality resources (videos, readings, tools, working groups, live events)
  • Assignments are well thought through to engage tech and non tech participants
  • Feedback works really well – great structure and vitality of discussion forum
  • Freedom to select only activities you most benefit from or enjoy and still succeed (no slacking) – freedom to choose when to work on the assignments (no firm weekly deadlines)
  • Applied learning – you can see yourself getting better and more capable every week” – 11.127x course participant
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Prof. Klopfer

Course Length

6 Units over 9 Weeks


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