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Online courses now archived on edX covering educational technology and games.

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Science and Engineering Program for Teachers

For one week every summer, teachers from across the world gather on MIT’s campus to learn more about the groundbreaking research that is happening on campus. Teachers attend presentations and lectures presented by MIT professors and then reflect on their own curriculum and how they could utilize what they’ve learned back at their own schools.

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Imagination Toolbox

An introduction to computer modeling and simulation using StarLogo Nova.

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What Teachers Have Said...

"One of the major benefits in professional development programs like this is to be able to speak with other teachers. They bring with them activities, tools, ideas that they use in their classrooms. This allows learn about these things and figure out ways to include them in our classroom. I would say overall collaborations are not really made between teachers, due to a variety of factors.
The connections made are not in the sense of we are now communicating back and forth, but more as a better understanding of how other states and countries are running their education systems. It is fascinating to hear how similar the education systems are in terms of structure and issues."

"I think [SEPT] did great getting everyone to interact. I had a great time and plan to keep in touch with many of the teachers I met. "

"Coding isn’t as hard as I thought it would be which is important because I want to start creating my own resources for my students to use. I also want to use coding in my classroom to expose more of my students to what it is."

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