11.126x – Introduction to Game Design

Course Description

An introduction to the basic methods of game design. This course includes defining and analyzing games and their mechanics, and understanding how mechanics affect gameplay and player experiences. Practical assignments include creating both paper and digital prototypes, using user testing to find points of failure and iterative design processes to revise and improve overall gameplay.

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Week 1: What Is a Game?

Week 2: Prototyping

Week 3: Creating a Coherent Game

Week 4: Digital Prototyping

Week 5: Making Usable Games

Week 6: Business of Games

Student Quotes
“[I liked] the low barrier of entry, you got to interact with a lot of people in different stages and with various degrees of previous knowledge which was helpful.”

“I liked how [the course] duplicated the physical and digital game development assignments and videos. It was nice to see the course not pigeon holed into one.”

“[I liked] analyzing game systems and mechanics, also Iterating on game mechanics.”

“The concept of prototyping and testing and all lessons related to it, helping me get over the fear of getting rid of parts of a game that just aren’t working was valuable to me.”

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Klopfer, Tan and Verilli


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