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Members of the STEP Lab are running a special issue of well played!

Posted on the Carnegie Mellon University ETC Press Website: Well Played Journal Special Issue CFP: AR and VR Games Posted by: etcpress January 17, 2023 Edited by Ira Fay and Dan Roy AR and VR games are growing in popularity and access, while also increasing in the variety of experiences […]

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Advice and responses from faculty on ChatGPT and A.I.-assisted writing

The full post can be found on the CMS/W website here: “Several faculty members in CMS/W have expertise, both technological and pedagogical, in what the use of ChatGPT and other A.I. tools may mean for the instruction of academic writing. Because instructors at MIT and elsewhere have expressed some urgency in […]

Rik demonstration at SEPT

Science and Engineering Program for Teachers 2023- Applications Open

The application is live for our Science and Engineering Program for Teachers! Please check out our site ( to download the application and apply. Decisions will be made by Pi-Day (03.14.23).  Applications are due by February 15th, 2023. SEPT 2023 will be held on campus, Sunday, July  9th – Friday, […]

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School Stories

“School Stories”, a special subject course in literature that explores education equity through the eyes of creative writers and critical theorists, is looking to partner with MIT education outreach programs this spring to provide an experiential learning component to the course. Undergraduates in this course will be required to volunteer to tutor […]

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Science and Engineering Program for Teachers 2022

Due to the continued impact of Covid, which led to restrictions on travel and being on MIT’s campus, the Science and Engineering Program for Teachers (SEPT) offered a remote conference, the past two summers. We were thrilled to host the 33rd annual program on campus in late June as we […]

AERA presentation


The experience of attending the annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association Conference (better known as AERA) often feels much closer to diving into a tidal wave than it does attending a conference. With literally thousands of presentations spread across six days and touching on every single possible aspect […]