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Open UROP (Undergraduate Research Opportunities)

The RAICA team is looking to hire 2 UROP-eligible students this Spring 2023 to review materials and video footage of teachers piloting a middle school AI curriculum.  Pay or credit is available.

Start date: Feb. 13, 2022

End date: May 5, 2023

Application deadline: Feb. 1

Pay rate: $15/hr or credit

6-10 hours/week

Please apply via ELx if you are interested!

The full description is below:

Do you want to see how middle school students are learning about and creating with AI?  

RAICA (Responsible AI for Computational Action) is a middle school project-based learning curriculum designed by AI and pedagogical experts at MIT that aims to set the standard for how middle school students learn about artificial intelligence.  We believe that the field of AI is relevant across many domains including computer science, ethical thinking, STEAM, and the humanities.  

In Spring 2023 we will work with four partner schools to pilot two of the modules we’ve designed.  Pilot teachers will record each lesson they lead and the UROP will be advised by RAICA’s lead researcher to review video footage.  This work will be used by the research team to recommend revisions to the module development team.

UROPs will gain experience in:

  • Classroom observation 
  • Qualitative data analysis, particularly video
  • Summarizing findings from qualitative data analysis 

UROP Responsibilities include:

  • Working alongside and reporting to research team
  • Coordinate work with fellow UROP 
  • 6-10 hours per week reviewing RAICA curriculum materials in tandem with video footage

Regular meetings with lead researcher to share findings  




Open UROP (Undergraduate Research Opportunities)

IAP Position at STEP:

Exploring Logo: Piloting an Intro to CS Education Lesson
Experience a pilot of a module from an upcoming new introductory course on CS Ed. The pilot introduces the Logo programming language as an educational tool. Participants will 1) explore Logo in a simulated environment, then 2) draft a Logo-based learning experience for K-12 students. The pilot tests a module from a new course that will introduce 8 historic programming languages in the context of CS education in K-12 settings, critically evaluating each by asking, “How would you redesign this for today’s learners?” Come to learn the history of Logo, play games, design learning experiences, brainstorm with others, give feedback, and eat pizza.
Interested? Email Sarah Wharton ()!


UROP Positions at The MIT Game Lab:

The MIT Game Lab is looking hire 3 UROP-eligible students this Fall and IAP to design and GM a short role-playing game for high school and MIT students around engineering ethics and diversity, equity, and inclusion topics (specifically, implicit bias and stereotype threat). Pay or credit is available.

Please apply via ELx if you are interested!
The full description is below:
Interested in educating high school students in professional ethics through games and puzzles?
The MIT Game Lab and Education Arcade are designing a role-playing game affording 11th grade students an introduction into how DEI and ethical actions are shaped in organizational settings. These students will play a three-hour game as an engineering team investigating a space-station mishap. A post-game moderated workshop will help students to reflect on the underestimated impact of (i) professional ethics and (ii) implicit biases on workplace conduct. The project will create role-play and workshop materials for school instructors to conduct as an after-school activity, created as a prototype in the Fall and tested with local high school students during IAP.
We have 2 game designers on staff and are looking for 3 UROPs to design this project with us!
UROPs will gain experience in:
  • Game design (alternate reality games & role-playing games)
  • Puzzle design for engineering problems
  • Creating innovative learning experiences in ethics and engineering
  • Scriptwriting
UROP Responsibilities include:
  • Working alongside and reporting to a staff designers
  • Designing and developing one or more narrative modules or puzzle designs
  • Collaborating with other UROPs to test and iterate on their designs
  • Participating in IAP pilot as game masters or non-player characters (NPCs)