MIT STEP Lab Presents

The Radix Endeavor

An inquiry-based online game to explore math and biology systems



The Radix Endeavor is an online multiplayer game designed to augment math and biology instruction. Students use their knowledge of math and science to solve quests in a virtual Earth-like world. It is a world in which students can simulate how a particular species might adapt to environmental changes over many generations. By examining virtual animal droppings, students can diagram the connections between plant and animal species in a virtual ecosystem. The Radix Endeavor provides an engaging game atmosphere that reinforces what students learn in the classroom. To support classroom implementation, a full set of teacher resources and companion curriculum materials are available.



For more information please go to the Radix Endeavor’s website. You can also find a series of tutorial videos, as well as the trailer on The Radix Endeavor YouTube Channel.



The Radix Endeavor conducted a pilot study during the 2013-2014 and 2014-2015 academic years.  Teachers enrolled students in the game and used the game to supplement their math and biology instruction.  Classroom observations and student and teacher surveys were conducted to uncover the varied implementation models. Findings from the pilot will be published here once the data analysis is complete.

Teachers and students are encouraged to continue using The Radix Endeavor and the associated teacher and student resources to explore concepts in math and biology.

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Grades 6-12

Content Area

Biology, Mathematics



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Eric Klopfer