MIT STEP Lab Presents

StarLogo Nova

StarLogo Nova is a programming environment that lets students and teachers create 3D games and simulations for understanding complex systems.


Using a programming language of colored blocks that fit together like puzzle pieces, StarLogo users create games and simulations to study diverse concepts in science and math – such as epidemiology, ecology, geometry, computational thinking, and more. StarLogo is free and runs in an Internet browser, with project sharing options – students can play games created by others, and teachers can use simulations developed by the StarLogo community to illustrate complex concepts. Users can create simple and large-scale simulations using the library of agents or importing their own custom sounds and Collada-format 3D models.


You can find StarLogo Nova at its own website.

Also, take advantage of StarLogo support materials to get started including:

Project Specifics


Upper Elementary through High School

Content Area

Computation, Science, Biology, Complex Systems



Project Contact

Daniel Wendel