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Reach Every Reader

Building capacity in parents and teachers to strengthen early literacy


Reach Every Reader is a collaboration across Harvard, MIT, and the Florida Center for Reading Research, supported by the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative. The goal of the larger project is to bring together a number of strands to create a support system that enables every child to become a strong, confident reader. Our work focuses on the adult capacity building strand, helping parents and teachers of pre-readers understand what they can do, and what they are already doing, to build a strong literacy foundation in their children. Working closely with researchers at HGSE, we are designing technology-supported experiences that bring adults and children together to enrich their book reading experiences and everyday conversations with practices like dialogic reading, future talk, and other conversational approaches that research has shown contribute to early literacy skills. Our guiding design principles include research-based literacy practices, co-design with users, and playful interactions.



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3-6 year old children and their parents, caregivers, and teachers

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Ilana Schoenfeld