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Everyday AI for Youth (EdAI)

Everyday AI for Youth (EdAI) is a research and design project examining the impact of a professional development model for educators learning to teach their middle school students about artificial intelligence.


The Everyday AI (EdAI) research project addresses the pressing need for impact research in AI education and aims to contribute field-advancing knowledge in terms of: 1) the extent to which middle school students can understand AI concepts and gain interest in AI careers, 2) productive approaches to preparing teachers to support students’ learning of AI concepts and skills, and expanding youth’s notions of future selves; and 3) the effectiveness of the DAILy curriculum when implemented by educators other than the curriculum developers. EdAI’s innovative teacher professional development (PD) program offers an AI Book Club plus summer practicum experiences to prepare teachers in AI concepts, tools, and pedagogy. EdAI’s effectiveness research will be conducted with audiences of youth from underrepresented groups in STEM and computing thus enabling the project to develop a deeper understanding of issues specific to expanding Black/African American and Hispanic/Latinx participation in AI-enhanced fields.

EdAI picture by Safiah Ali


Project Specifics


Middle School Teachers and Students

Content Area

Artificial intelligence education, AI Education, Teacher Professional Development

Project Contact

Irene Lee