Natasha Singer, a technology reporter in the Business section of the New York Times, highlighted the work of the MIT STEP Lab’s Everyday AI PD program in the article “At This School, Computer Science Class Now Includes Critiquing Chatbots.”   The article describes how NYC Public Schools is training computer science teachers to help students identify AI biases and potential risks of such bias.  It then highlights the Developing AI Literacy (DAILy) curriculum developed at the STEP Lab as a curriculum that teaches students to think critically about AI innovations and ethics such as how generative AI techniques are used to produce fake media.  Kate Moore is quoted saying “It’s important for students to know about how A.I. works because their data is being scraped, their user activity is being used to train these tools,” and “Decisions are being made about young people using A.I., whether they know it or not.”

Read the story here.  

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