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TaleBlazer is a blocks-based software environment for creating and playing location-based augmented reality (AR) games.

TaleBlazer is platform for making and playing location-based mobile AR games. TaleBlazer players download a mobile app to their  device (Android or iOS) to play games geolocated in real-world locations. As players move around the physical space, their devices sense their current location (typically using GPS) allowing players to interact with virtual characters and artifacts within the context of real landscapes. These hybrid experiences in TaleBlazer create new opportunities for dynamic storytelling, informal learning experiences, and community engagement. The web-based editor uses a visual, blocks-based programming environment that allows both novices and experts to create their own location-based AR games.

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TaleBlazer has been used by a wide range of users to create unique location-based experiences including:

Youth Organizations like Global Kids engage young people in their community while creating AR games.

Museums like the Harvard Museum of Natural History collaborate with us to find new ways of interacting with artifacts.

Zoos like Columbus Zoo and Aquarium and Drumlin Farm Wildlife Sanctuary create experiences for visitors to interact with their exhibits.

Historical landmarks like Old Sturbridge Village create games to engage students in historical economies.

Botanical Gardens like the Missouri Botanical Garden and Red Butte Garden and Arboretum create games to highlight elements of their collection. 

Teachers create games to support their instructional objectives.

Students create and play AR games to adopt new roles, explore and make sense of their world.

Researchers like us use AR games to better understand the affordances of location-based experiences to enhance learning.

Hobbyists create games to have fun and make new connections to the world around them.

Take advantage of our resources to help you get started creating your own location-based games and experiences including:


Sample Games. Imagine what’s possible by playing sample AR games developed in TaleBlazer.

Getting Started Tutorials. Play and remix games while getting an orientation to the TaleBlazer programming environment.

Game Mechanics Tutorials. Learn about game mechanics available in TaleBlazer.

Game Worksheet. Plan your game using a checklist created by experienced game designers.

Best Practices Guide. Access tips on how to best plan, design and develop your game.

Analytics.  Understand how players are using your game.


TaleBlazer was developed in partnership with the Missouri Botanical Gardens under a grant from the National Science Foundation.

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