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Gameblox is a blocks-based programming tool designed specifically for making and playing games.

Gameblox is a blocks-based programming tool designed specifically to provide an easy on-ramp to game design.  Just as  MIT App Inventor democratized mobile app creation, Gameblox provides an environment in which novices can easily create entertaining games by  embedding some of the more complex programming tasks such as collisions, physics and gravity within the blocks.

More advanced game designers might also find Gameblox a useful tool for rapid prototyping in their iterative design process.

At present, Gameblox is only available in beta to participants in two edX courses.  To access the tool, register for either of the following courses:

The Gameblox platform includes a series of embedded tutorials that help you take full advantage of the features available in the tool. Check out the following sample tutorial.

    “As for Gameblox, its pretty cool. If you are a programmer you’d probably prefer actual code to blocks! However considering the purpose behind developing Gameblox, it’s great. It would serve very well as a prototyping toolkit. Game development specific requirements such as collisions, physics, event handling, inputs etc. have been handled well”. – 11.126x student


    Gameblox is funded in part by the MIT Office for Digital Learning.

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