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EdTechX is a series of online courses providing an orientation to the field of educational technology while preparing participants for designing, developing, or implementing a variety of learning games and ed tech tools.

The project-based Ed Tech XSeries of online courses on the MITx platform starts by covering foundations in educational theory and game design then encourages participants to apply that knowledge by creating and evaluating educational games and simulations. The EdTech XSeries consists of 4 courses:


11.132x: Design and Development of Educational Technology

11.126x: Introduction to Game Design

11.127x: Design and Development of Games for Learning

11.133x: Implementation and Evaluation of Educational Technology

    I enjoyed my time with this course and feel like I both learned a lot of useful tips and techniques and gained a lot of motivation to tackle my own projects.” – 11.126x course participant


    This course if so much FUN! I am very excited by this interdisciplinary learning experience. I have (virtually) met many interesting people and seen even more interesting projects in making and that was extraordinary and so inspiring!… I plan to sign up for any other offering from this team of instructors in the future.” – 11.127x course participant


    I liked the flow. It was a great mix of top notch videos, insightful projects, and academic papers that probed cutting edge issues.” – 11.132x course participant


    EdTechX is made possible through a collaboration with MITx and The MIT Office for Digital Learning.

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