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Implementation and Evaluation of Educational Technology

This course provides a practical overview for selecting, integrating, implementing, and evaluating educational technology initiatives in formal educational settings, primarily in the US. It will include the perspectives of stakeholders that make such initiatives possible, and consider how to evaluate for efficacy. The audience for this course includes current and future teachers, entrepreneurs, developers, practitioners, and leaders in educational technology.


Through four units over seven weeks, participants will develop an awareness and understanding of the “ecosystem” surrounding the implementation of educational technology in a formal educational setting. Participants will work towards creating a final project that synthesizes the main ideas from the course.

In Unit 1 Current landscape of educational technology


In Unit 2 Analyzing educational technologies in formal learning settings.


In Unit  3 Implementation opportunities and obstacles


Unit 4 Evaluation


Course-long Project: Implementation and evaluation plan for an educational technology

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Prof. Klopfer

Course Length

5 Units over 7 weeks

Scheduled Start Date

July 15, 2015

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