Angie Tung

Associate Director of Operations and Finance

Tung joined the lab with years of product management in public broadcasting followed by a brief stint in the corporate web production world. Early exposure to Tetris and Dr. Mario taught her the joys of putting things in proper order and that the completion of neat packages can efficiently shorten a task list. Games like Dungeons & Dragons taught her to look outside those proverbial neat boxes for creative solutions to tricky puzzles, including complex projects with multi-layered dependencies. On a daily basis she helps to take care of tasks related to: development processes, contracts, budgets, schedules, scope, vendor relationships, billing, and other planning duties for her projects and also for The Education Arcade’s lab. Tung holds a BA in Music from Florida State University and an MA in Media Arts from Emerson College.


“I’m forever inspired by music for its intricacies when shaped into masterful compositions, its fluidity while improvised, and its capacity to communicate universally. When not making music, I am an equal opportunity eater, hula hoop dancer, and bicycle enthusiast, sometimes all at the same time.”