Aditi Wagh

Research Scientist

Aditi Wagh is a Research Scientist in the STEP lab. She has a PhD in Learning Sciences from Northwestern University. Dr. Wagh has over 15 years of experience in designing and studying CT-integrated science and math education for K-12 classrooms. In the MSM project, Dr. Wagh studies how CT practices link math and science learning in 6th grade classrooms. She has two other ongoing NSF projects: From Access to Sustainability: Investigating Ways to Foster Sustainable Use of Computational Modeling in K-12 Science Classrooms integrates data and modeling practices in middle school classrooms to engage students and teachers in modeling and making sense of the world. Choreographing Science: Youth, Scientists & Choreographers Co-constructing Meaning through Choreography & Agent-based Modeling” seeks to examine the impact of having youth, choreographers, and scientists engage in the collaborative embodied exploration of complex scientific systems and phenomena.

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