CMS.S61/CMS.S97 – cs.forward(): Trace the past to plot the future of K-12 CS education

Course Description

This course explores the trajectory of advances in K-12 CS education with the goal of preparing students to design and teach CS educational experiences and build tools for the future. The course begins with an introduction to 8 seminal programming languages used in schools and learning theories from the 1970s through to today, with a critical eye on how these designs and pedagogical practices have informed curricula and pedagogy and how they may continue to do so in the future. Participants will 1) explore the original seminal programming languages in simulated environments to understand their context, constraints and impact on learning and practice, and 2) consider the challenges, opportunities and forces influencing the design of learning experiences for K-12 students today and in the future. Through the course, participants will critically evaluate the design of CS learning experiences and designs by asking, “How would you redesign this for today’s learners?” “How might you design new tools and experiences for future learners?” Come to learn the history of CS Ed, play games, design learning experiences, brainstorm with others, give feedback, and move cs.forward().

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Sarah Wharton, Eric Klopfer


Fall 2023 (1-2:30 Tuesday and Thursday) in E25-117

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Special Subject first offered Fall 2023