“School Stories”, a special subject course in literature that explores education equity through the eyes of creative writers and critical theorists, is looking to partner with MIT education outreach programs this spring to provide an experiential learning component to the course.

Undergraduates in this course will be required to volunteer to tutor or teach elementary, middle, or high school students approximately once a week starting February 6th through May 16, thereby fulfilling a required three-hour-a-week “lab” component. Every week, students in this course will meet to discuss how issues of equity play out in fictional and nonfictional stories set in and around schools, while also engaging in their volunteer teaching-and-learning lab work, which they themselves will be required to write about.  Ultimately, each student will compose their own school story: a critically self-reflective personal essay about their volunteering experience which draws on course readings and discussions.

This is a great opportunity for MIT education outreach programs to partner with an academic course to encourage students who are participating in hands-on learning experiences to read and learn more about issues of  equity in education.

Course Number 21L.S88

Interested? Email Mary Cate @ marycate@mit.edu

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