Are you looking for an interesting professional development to participate in that has consistently shown to increase students’ engagement and learning in biology?

We want to invite you to join a free online course for science educators running in the summer of 2020 called BioGraph: Teaching Biology Through Systems, Models, and Argumentation. This course is co-taught by a teaching team from MIT and the University of Pennsylvania.

The course is a six-week, interactive, collaborative, professional development that you can access anywhere, anytime. Learn how to use online simulations to develop core biology content and practices, aligned with the NGSS. Join an ongoing community of interested expert and novice teachers. The course provides cutting-edge curriculum that is ready to implement and has been proven to increase student learning and engagement in biology. The online simulations include optional entry-level coding and the course provides support for learning to teach this with students.

Though the course will be open all summer, there are three scheduled sessions that will run with extended support from the BioGraph Team:

Session 1: May 6th – June 27th
Session 2: June 3rd – July 25th
Session 3: July 8th – August 29th

You can enroll now and receive updates as the course gets started! –

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