Our Team


Our People

Our people are our greatest asset.  Each team member brings their unique content and functional expertise to bear on the projects in which they are engaged. This combination of skills – learning theory, game design, subject matter, technical development – allows us to design and develop the best possible solution for any given research and design challenge.

Meet the Team:

Leadership and Key Contacts

Eric Klopfer

Professor/ Director

Kristina Heavey

Program Coordinator

Justin Reich

Teaching Systems Lab Executive Director

Colton Laferriere

Administrative Assistant

Scot Osterweil

Creative Director
Research and Project Management Staff

Garrett Beazley

Video Production Specialist

Jennifer Groff

Research Assistant

Elizabeth Huttner-Loan

EdTechX Course Manager

Louisa Rosenheck

Research Manager

Philip Tan

Research Scientist

Brandon Hanks

Software Developer

Caitlin Feeley

Project Manager

Jason Haas

Research Assistant

Irene Lee

Research Scientist

Angie Tung

Project Manager

Daniel Wendel

Program Manager/Software Developer

Alyssa Napier

Course Developer

Ling Hsiao

Research Manager

Judy Perry

Project Manager

Lisa Stump

Lead Software Developer

Rachel Grubb

Course Developer
Course Instructors

Jason Haas

Research Assistant

Philip Tan

Research Scientist

Greg Schwanbeck

Course Instructor

Visiting Scholars

Matthew Schneps

Visiting Professor


Students comprise a significant portion of our team both as learners and as critical part of our research and development efforts.


At the undergraduate level, students participate in Undergraduate Research Opportunities (UROPs) (see sidebar for current openings) as integral members of our project teams, whether they are developing new technologies or teacher support materials, students are committed to developing and supporting.

Graduate Students

Education Arcade and Scheller Teacher Education Program instructors and staff provide guidance and supervision to both MEng and CMS/W Masters’ students. These graduate students are key contributors to our initiatives taking an active leadership role on their respective projects. More recently, a small number of PhD students from the Media Lab have also joined the Scheller/Education Arcade community exploring new ideas in games, learning and professional communities. If you are interested conducting your graduate level research with us, email step-info@mit.edu.