StarLogo TNG: Learn


April 19, 2012
New activities added

We've added the Fountain programming activity , a simpler version of the Treasure game activity , and new activities to the Computer programming tools in schools (multi-tool curriculum). Please check them out!

June 16, 2011
Revised and added: Paintball tutorial

The paintball tutorial was on the old SLTNG website and has now been revised for StarLogo TNG 1.5 and reposted as an intermediate tutorial. This is a step-by-step tutorial for programming a game and illustrates in general some features of SLTNG that make it particularly suitable for making games.

March 28, 2011
Added: Game programming for beginners

This is a 10-class unit that uses a mix of teacher-directed lessons and student-centered activities to teach programming to beginners, including concepts like loops, variables, data types, and procedures. Students program their own version of a treasure hunt game, adding features to it as they learn new blocks and concepts.

January 13, 2011
Added page: Game Design and Programming

Check out the growing collection of materials to support game design and programming using SLTNG. Includes a starter project, tutorials, and sample games.

August 27, 2010
Updated: How to Edit Breeds and Procedures

Made corrections to tighten up and standarize language and corrected spelling/grammar.

August 24, 2010
Updated: Orientation Workshop

Made corrections to orientation activity sheet.

Level Title Description
1. Beginner Quick Start Guide Brief overview of the interface and basics like dragging blocks to the canvas, connecting them, and double-clicking to execute commands. PDF Flash version (opens in a...
1. Beginner How to Navigate in Spaceland Spaceland is the 3D environment where all of the created agents and the environment itself execute the blocks on the canvas. This guide will teach you about the Spaceland...
1. Beginner How to Edit Breeds Breeds in StarLogo TNG are categories of agents that share the same shape. You can create multiple agents of the same breed that execute the same set of blocks in parallel...
1. Beginner How to Edit Spaceland Terrain The terrain in Spaceland can be altered to create unique environments for your projects. This tutorial is also in the Orientation activity. Webpage PDF  ...
1. Beginner How to Color and Draw on Spaceland Terrain The draw tab is located in the bottom part of the Spaceland window. It's used to draw on the Spaceland terrain. Webpage PDF
1. Beginner Complexity Science and StarLogo TNG The science of complex systems is the science of systems that are highly interconnected, have behaviors that are sensitive to initial conditions, and have outcomes that are...
2. Intermediate How to Create a Procedure A procedure, in StarLogo, contains a set of instructions or commands that an agent can call to execute within the program. Procedures are useful when you want to use a set...
2. Intermediate How to Edit Levels You can save one or more edited terrain as "levels" and load one at a time as needed for your game or model. Webpage PDF
2. Intermediate Build an Epidemic Model Step-by-step tutorial that results in an extensible model. Teaches the use of variables, monitors, line graphs, and sliders. Webpage PDF
2. Intermediate Build a Paintball Game The Paintball project illustrates some of the basic game-play elements that can be easily programmed with StarLogo TNG. This includes movement, collisions, terrain and...
3. Advanced Shape Importer Tutorial Creating Shapes for StarLogo TNG Introduction StarLogo TNG renders agents with two types of shapes. Agents can either have OBJ file shapes or MD3 file shapes. OBJ file format is...
3. Advanced How to Edit Subsets A subset is a useful tool that lets you organize your most used blocks or blocks for a particular classroom activity in custom drawers. This tutorial will teach you how to...