StarLogo TNG

StarLogo TNG 1.5 splash screen

Version 1.5. Download it here

Curriculum Materials HERE

StarLogo TNG is The Next Generation of StarLogo modeling and simulation software. While this version holds true to the premise of StarLogo as a tool to create and understand simulations of complex systems, it also brings with it several advances - 3D graphics and sound, a blocks-based programming interface, and keyboard input - that make it a great tool for programming educational video games.

Through TNG we hope to:

  1. Lower the barrier to entry for programming with a graphical interface where language elements are represented by colored blocks that fit together like puzzle pieces.
  2. Entice more young people into programming through tools that facilitate making games.
  3. Use 3D graphics to make more compelling and rich games and simulation models.


StarLogo TNG has finally reached 1.5!  The easiest and coolest way to program agent-based simulations and 3D video games is now even more powerful, with the addition of several new features including:

  • Textured terrain which allows you to draw on the terrain or even even import pictures from files
  • Model importing to allow you to import Google Earth models into your projects for use as characters or scenery
  • Improved over-the-shoulder camera tracking for a better gaming experience
  • Revamped parallel execution model for better simulation performance and more accurate results
  • Project sharing via the new Community Site (accesible in TNG via the new "Online" menu)

Here are the release notes and change log for detailed information about the improvements.

We've also been working on more tutorials and activities, especially Game Design and Programming which takes advantage of TNG 1.5's many new features.  Check out the Learn page for more information.