Simpler Treasure Game Programming Activity

This simpler treasure game programming activity is based on the original treasure game programming activity but redesigned for use with 3rd grade students. Students open up a starter project, save it as their own, and then go through a series of challenges that results in a simple treasure game where they control a player agent using keyboard arrow keys to "collect" treasure for points. There are many places where students are asked to make choices to customize the game to make it their own. The final two challenges contain several extensions to challenge more advanced students. This activity can be done in 1 or 2 class 50 minute periods.

Part 2 of the simpler treasure game activity adds obstacles and moving enemies to the game from part 1. Although it has its own starter project, students who successfully complete Part 1(up to the final 2 optional challenges) may continue using their own project from the end of Part 1. The starter 2 is for students who missed Part 1, misplaced their file, or didn't finish Part 1.

Teachers are welcome to make changes to the student worksheet by downloading the doc version. The solution file contains solutions for all of the challenges but it's expected that students will only implement a few of the challenge extensions of their choice.