Research from the Scheller Teacher Education Program is widely available in scholarly publications, and will soon be posted on this webpage and DSpace, (MIT’s open-access repository of articles).  Three recent white papers from our lab are posted here:

MIT Scheller Teacher Education Program and Education Arcade staff, in collaboration with the Learning Games Network, have published a new design guide, Better Learning in Games: A Balanced Design Lens for a New Generation of Learning Games. 


Jen Groff, lab member and PhD candidate, has lead the development of the guide in collaboration with Scheller Teacher Education Program staff Jody-Clarke-Midura, Louisa Rosenheck, and Eric Klopfer, as well as other leading researchers in the field of learning games.


The aim of the guide is not to impose a new game development method—but rather to present a learning design approach to be integrated with current best practices in game design.  Read more…

Here are two prominent papers co-authored by Prof. Eric Klopfer, Director of the Scheller Teacher Education Program, and Scot Osterweil, Creative Director at the Education Arcade.

Journal Articles
UbiqBio: Adoptions and Outcomes of Mobile Biology Games in the Ecology of School Klopfer, Eric; Perry, Judith P. The integration of learning [...]
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More publications coming soon!