Simulation & Programming Tools


SIMULATION & PROGRAMMING TOOLS: Computing platforms for skill-building and learning complex systems

Our research builds on the work of Seymour Papert and other MIT researchers who pioneered visual programming languages and the theory of constructionism in education. The power to learn from creating a program and seeing the result is the basis of the tools and platforms we’ve developed – for teaching complex systems, computational thinking, and providing an easier entry into computer science. Using our programming platforms, students can generate models of real-world systems, make games to better-understand their environment, and create working apps for mobile devices:

Imagination Toolbox
Professional Development, Programming Tools
Summer PD for educators interested in games and simulations
Games, Programming Tools
A blocks-based programming tool for making and playing games
Curricula, Games, Programming Tools
STEM-focused augmented reality games for tweens
StarLogo TNG
Programming Tools
A desktop visual programming environment for 3D games and simulations
Curricula, Programming Tools
A biology curriculum exploring complex systems
Games, Programming Tools
A platform for creating and playing location-based mobile games
StarLogo Nova
Programming Tools
A visual programming tool for making 3D games and simulations