Radix Team Publishes Preliminary Reserach Findings

24 Nov Radix Team Publishes Preliminary Reserach Findings

Gaming Trends in P12EdLouisa Rosenheck, Susannah Gordon-Messer, Jody Clarke-Midura, and Eric Klopfer co-authored, “Design and Implementation of an MMO: Approaches to Support Inquiry Learning with Games“, a chapter in the newly released Gaming Trends in P-12 Education

The Radix team asserts that while games can be a powerful tool for learning, the instructional design that goes into the implementation of a learning game is as important as the game itself. Reflecting on their experience with The Radix Endeavor, a multiplayer online game for inquiry-based STEM learning the team presents case studies of teachers implementing Radix in their classroom with a wide variety of formats, approaches, and learning goals. They examine how key elements of an implementation impact student and teacher experiences and support problem-solving and inquiry learning. Discussion of importance of implementation decisions will aid teachers and instructional designers integrating game-based learning into their own curriculum.