Digital Games in the Humanities

A curriculum for playful exploration of high school humanities

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Digital Games in the Humanities is a research-based curriculum design project exploring the use of commercially-available digital games in the high school humanities classroom.

Tapping into popular culture to motivate young learners and convey concepts is a time-honored practice among effective teachers. Consistent with that practice, some teachers are now using commercial games, such as Civilization, to spark student learning in history and other humanities subject areas. The MIT Game Lab and Education Arcade are building upon this promising trend by creating curriculum units and support materials that enable teachers to leverage student experiences with commercial games – including offline console games – to support learning in literature, history, and civics classrooms.

The team is currently engaged with a team of high school humanities teachers advising, co-designing and testing these emergent curricula materials. In addition, we are actively seeking high school humanities teachers (English, History, and other social sciences) to participate in a brief, anonymous survey that will help the design team understand the instructional goals, technology resources, and potential barriers to adoption that might impact the adoption of these curriculum materials at scale.


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Using Games in the Humanities is funded by the Arthur Vining Davis Foundation.

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Grade Range

High School



Content Area(s)

History, Social Sciences, English

Project Manager

Carole Urbano