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Educational Theory & Practice III

This is the final course in the three-course sequence (11.129, 11.130 and 11.131) that deals with the practicalities of teaching students. Areas of study will include: educational psychology, identification of useful resources that support instruction, learning to use technology in meaningful ways in the classroom, finding more methods of motivating students, implementing differentiated instruction and obtaining a teaching job.

Session 1: Introduction

Session 2: Cognitive language and literacy development

Sessions 3 & 4: Social, moral, and emotional development

Session 5:Student diversity

Session 6: Technology and learning

Sessions 7 & 8: Behavioral and cognitive theories of learning

Session 9: Constructivism

Sessions 10 & 11: Differentiated Instruction

Sessions 12 & 13: The administrator’s point of view

Session 14: Interviewing

Session 15: Motivating the hard to reach student

Sessions 16 & 17: Learners with exceptionalities

Session 18: Standardized tests

Session 19: Licensure

Sessions 20-22: Gender & social equity

Sessions 23-25: Project presentations

Session 26: Taking care of yourself in the teaching profession

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Spring 2012


R. Gibb

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