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Educational Theory & Practice I

This course is designed to prepare you for a successful student teaching experience. Some of the major themes and activities are: analysis of yourself as a teacher and as a learner, subject knowledge, adolescent development, student learning styles, lesson planning, assessment strategies, classroom management techniques and differentiated instruction. The course requires significant personal involvement and time. You will observe high school classes, begin to pursue a more active role in the classroom in the latter part of the semester, do reflective writings on what you see and think (journal), design and teach a mini-lesson, design a major curriculum unit and engage in our classroom discussions and activities.

Session 1: Introduction

Session 2: Creating a Strong Classroom Climate

Session 3: Creating Independent Learners

Session 4: Special Education Seminar I

Session 5: Creating Classroom Structure

Session 6: Creating Classroom Routines

Session 7: Setting Classroom Behavioral Expectations

Session 8: Maintaining Classroom Discipline

Sessions 9 & 10: Curriculum Design I

Session 11: Special Education Seminar II

Sessions 12 & 13: Assessment

Session 14: Standardized Testing

Sessions 15 – 20: Classroom Management

Session 21: Common Core Standards

Session 22 Special Education Seminar III

Sessions 23 & 24: Best Practices

Sessions 25 & 26: Preparation for Teaching

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Fall 2011


R. Gibb

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