Looking for a part-time paid lecturer for two introductory education courses at MIT. 


One year (one course in the fall and one in the spring) substitute lecturer wanted for two introductory education courses at MIT (Introduction to Education: Looking Forward and Looking Back on Education and Introduction to Education: Understanding and Evaluating Education).  Three hours per week of class time (on campus Tues/Thurs 2:30-4) plus preparation and grading. This is an academic year, 33% appointment. Possibility for additional years exists.


These courses are part of a sequence and are both parts of the MIT Scheller Teacher Education Program (STEP). Students in the STEP program may take one or both of the introductory courses, and seek licensing in secondary school math or science teaching through an additional set of four classes.


Both courses employ K-12 pre-practicum classroom experiences, along with student-centered classroom activities and student-led classes, to explore issues in schools and education. The fall class focuses on theories of learning, school policy, the history of American education, and pedagogy. The spring class explores theories of learning, ways to evaluate education at national, state, and classroom levels, pedagogy, and inclusion for diverse learners. Students in these courses spend time each week observing pre-college math and science classes (managed by the STEP program director). Topics of study include design and implementation of K-12 curriculum, addressing the needs of a diversity of students, basics of the way people learn, progressive pedagogies, standards in math and science, student conceptions, methods of instruction, the digital divide, teaching through different media, education policy and history (including systemic exclusion of certain groups), and student assessment.


Classes are small (max 25 students) and are taught in a hands-on, constructivist fashion, with a focus on small and large group discussion, in-class activities, and lecture-style format only when necessary.  Activities include discussions of readings, practice teaching, model labs, use of instructional technology, games, simulations, and analysis of assessments.  The lecturer will also be responsible for grading three papers of about seven pages in length and for providing some availability outside of class by appointment. Although complete syllabi exist for both courses, there is an opportunity to contribute towards and enhance the existing curriculum, within the scope and main theme of the classes (e.g. education policy in the fall and assessment in the spring). You will co-teach with the STEP Program Manager, a former secondary math teacher who has co-taught the classes for three years.


Qualifications – PhD/EdD in science/math education or related field (may consider an ABD PhD student).  Should be comfortable teaching students (mostly undergrad with an occasional grad student) who are highly qualified in their STEM-related domain knowledge, but have little to no formal experience in education.  Should also be able to model best practices through their own teaching (i.e. constructivist, student-centered).  Experience teaching in K-12 classrooms and with university students preferred. This is a 33%, academic year appointment. Pay range is $20,000 – $25,000.


Interested candidates should send their resume or CV and a statement of interest including their teaching philosophy to tea-jobs@mit.edu. Applications will be evaluated on a rolling basis. 

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