Lisa Stump


Lisa Stump, Lead Software Developer

Lisa Stump has been a staff member since 2007 at the STEP lab, where she enjoys programming and supervising student programmers.  When she’s not working directly on the code, she’s collaborating with partner organizations to develop games using the very software she’s helped to build.  Previously, she was a professional programmer in the corporate world and co-taught evening programming classes at The South End Technology Center @ Tent City.  She holds a B.A. in mathematics and psychology from Dartmouth College and a M.Ed. from the TIE program at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

In the spirit of a game lab, Lisa decided to include a puzzle in this picture. What do the numbers on the chalkboard represent? Hint: Lisa has spent a lot of time on location-based games.

Sample of Current Work:

Curricula, Games, Programming Tools
STEM-focused augmented reality games for tweens
Games, Programming Tools
A platform for creating and playing location-based mobile games