Hyeonsu Kang

Hyeonsu Kang, Research Engineer


Hyeonsu earned his MS in computer science focusing on Human-Computer Interaction at University of California, San Diego (UCSD) and a BS in Computer Science and Engineering from Seoul National University. His research lies in the intersection of creative work, system-building, and learning, with an objective of supporting people’s creative work and learning through novel systems. He previously worked on a couple NSF-funded projects under the supervision of Prof. Philip Guo and Steven Dow at UCSD. These projects include (1) the development of a novel novice-oriented integrated development environment and (2) the investigation of the effect of taking an example-centric approach in providing feedback with online crowds in the domain of visual poster design. Previously, he worked at Tableau Software in Seattle as a software engineer intern, where he designed and developed an extension to tooltip-visualization and its domain-specific, user-facing visualization language.

This red pot's design always inspires me, notice anything? It's a book cover image of Don Norman's ``The design of everyday things`` and also the logo of the very first conference I attended.