Elizabeth Huttner-Loan


Elizabeth Huttner-Loan, Senior Manager, Online Course Development

Elizabeth is a Digital Learning Lab Fellow with the MIT Office of Digital Learning. She develops and manages massive open online courses (MOOCs) pertaining to education and educational technology. She enjoys engaging with learners all over the world and creating meaningful online educational experiences. Previously, she was an Instructional Developer for the Gordon-MIT Engineering Leadership Program. Prior to her time at MIT, Elizabeth worked at the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. She holds a B.A. in Government from Claremont McKenna College and an Ed.M. in Technology, Innovation, and Education from the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

Learning to juggle is an amazing experience. At first, it seems so difficult; the coordination, the timing, the rhythm. Then all of a sudden it makes sense. Elizabeth can only juggle beanbags right now, but hopefully fire will be the next step.

Sample of Current Work:

Courses, MITx, Professional Development
A series of online courses on educational technology
Courses, MITx
Implementation and Evaluation of Educational Technology