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Welcome to the MIT PDA Participatory Simulations Site

New (Summer 2005)

The Virus game is now available in Spanish

The initial release of our Nets Work simulation is now available! You can download it here in our package of simulations.


Curriculum available for Live Long and Prosper, Virus and Tit for Tat. You can download the curriculum here.

What are PDA Participatory Simulations?

PDA Participatory Simulations use Palm OS handheld computers (for now only Palm OS is supported) to embed people inside of simulations. Interactions between players in the game are mediated by peer to peer beaming. Our games are based on work that we have been doing at MIT for several years using custom wearable computers. See an article from the Boston Globe describing one of the games. You can also see a clip (requires Real Player) from CBS4 News in Boston highlighting some of the Participatory Simulations in use in area classrooms.

What Simulations are Offered?

Right now we have six simulations (Big Fish - Little Fish, Live Long and Prosper, Tit for Tat, Virus, Discussion, and Sugar and Spice), and one "beta" simulation in testing (Nets Work). There are several additional simulations in development covering additional topics in science, math and social science.

How do I use the Simulations?

These simulations have been used with students (from fourth grade through graduate school), teachers (in science, math, technology, and social sciences), and many other training contexts. Some of the simulations will stand well on their own embedded in a science, math, technology or social science course. Others might be used in a more comprehensive study of systems in conjunction with StarLogo.

Where Can I go for More Information?

You should browse this site where you can get descriptions of the overall strategy, individual games, instructions on how to play the games, and download copies of the games for free. You should also check out the PDA Participatory Simulations forum on our Bulletin Board.



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